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SEMANA SANTA β€’ Sunday 9
What a good idea to spend Easter Sunday at ✴️LACUMBRE Rooftop…

We have prepared you an event πŸ” with which we will satisfy all your senses… “Brunch”

Here the program
From 11am you can start the day with a Yoga session 🧘 and enjoy the hottest hours sunbathing 🌞 in your Balinese bed and listening to good music 🎢

Until 16:00 you can take advantage of a tasty and varied brunch and then you can catch the LACUMBRE offer and have Japanese food for dinner πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

The “infinity” pool will be at your disposal all day long, even when the sun goes down πŸŒ… because the water will be well temperate 🀀

A team of Djs will amenize the domigueo 🎧

Capacity is limited, depending on being able to maintain a good environment and provide them with the best possible service πŸ’ͺ

You can participate by booking one of the following options:
🧘 ♀️ Yoga class
🍱 Brunches
🏝️ Balinese bed
🍾 Reserved with bottle
Supper Japanese dinner
🏨 Accommodation


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